Hello! I am so humbled that you have chosen to visit my little shop! Thank you so much! My name is Hera, and I first discovered the world of polymer clay after giving birth to my daughter in late 2018. Like many young, first-time moms, I was suffering from post-partum depression and desperately needed an avenue that I could use to regain some semblance of my identity prior to having my baby. Being a creative, it felt the most natural to do something with my hands, as I knew that this would bring my soul the most joy. I played with a few things in between caring for my daughter and working, and one night after some random Pinterest searches, (and many failed macrame attempts), I stumbled upon polymer clay. Although polymer clay is a very accessible medium, I am constantly striving to evolve as an artist, by educating myself on how to elevate my clay jewelry and make them more unique for YOU! 

 From inception to design execution; and throughout the less fun -and at times  tedious and time consuming- parts of the process, I pour each bit of my creative soul into every  piece that I craft; because I want the wearer to feel as good rocking them as I did when I created them. I create my pieces with different people in mind and want to ensure  that I produce items that reflect how multifaceted and very varied we are. I hope that whatever your taste, whatever your style, you can find something here that makes you feel like the incredible, unique, fearless and badass individual that you know you are.

Much Love,