The Abstract Earrings (made to order)
The Abstract Earrings (made to order)
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The Abstract Earrings (made to order)

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You know when you go to the museum and you come across those paintings that you have to stare at for a while...this is that; but in earring form.

These girls are made to order are just like fingerprints so each pair will be a little different from the next! While these are subject to my own whimsy and artistic freedom, I promise that they will always be fabulous!

Please allow up to 10 days for shipping confirmation and delivery. 


How Big Am I:

3 inches long, 1 inch wide


Love Me Tender:

Yes, these are lightweight polymer clay earrings and although  they have some durability, please care for them like you would any other piece of jewelry.  They can be broken like any clay material and the surface can be scratched if stored incorrectly. If you get any makeup on your earrings, use a soft cloth and water to remove. For tougher stains, use a bit of acetone and a Q-tip to gently rub until the stain is gone.

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